Is there a way to differentiate between Zoom Versions?

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Hey there,

I recently discovered that several of my users have the Zoom IT Admin version installed on their computers. When we attempted to push the latest 5.8.0 update to them, many were getting pop-ups about jamf wanting to control installer, and we had no idea why.

SO: is there a way to differentiate between the IT Admin version of Zoom and the regular version?
I * could * just search for the old version and remove it outright, but I'd rather target the affected users if possible.


PS: This is about the regular Zoom installer for meetings, not like Zoom rooms or anything like that.


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Update: i ended up having to use the codesign command to note the app hash, which is probably where i should've started in the first place. anyway, if you have a better idea, i'd love to hear about it!

We use a script that runs before we install a new version of zoom. This way there aren't any conflicts.


pkill Zoom
rm -R /Applications/

exit 0