Is there a way to know to know when your polices complete on the computer itself

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Hi All,

Just wondering if there is a way in Jamf to know when all your polices have completed on that computer? I have over 10 polices that run on enrollment and I'm not sure when they fully complete without going into each computer on the JSS and looking at the log.

Does anyone have a solution?



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Do you have maintenance options configured in the policy to update the device inventory?

What I have done at the end of my DEPNotify script is touch a file called setupDone and then update inventory. I have that loaded as an extension attribute for each machine. When a machine enrolls setupDone will be empty, and my policy executes if it is NOT true AND the device is enrolled in DEP and is currently scoped to a PreStage enrollment. This helps it to not execute on user-initiated machines or machines that have already been set up. Alternatively you can look for package receipts and you may find useful data in ~/Library/Logs or /Library/Logs.

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You might want to consider using a product like DEPNotify or other similar ones to provide some feedback on running those initial enrollment policies. Because unless there is something visible that the policy does, like placing icons in the Dock or something else that's very obvious, the policies run more or less silently in the background.

Short of using one of those excellent tools, you could check the local /var/log/jamf.log on the machines as it will show which policies have run, but then, this may not really address the core issue, because you still have to check a log on each Mac. But it might be faster than pulling it up in the JSS and looking at the policy logs there.

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Under the heading of "multiple ways to skin a cat".... You could use a script to call all of those policies. Then you create one "Enrollment Complete Policy" that simply has that script and uses the User Interaction tab to pop up a notification, or put a jamfHelper dialog at the end of the script.

I use what @mm2270 suggested along with the script. We put up a DEP Notify window on start and reboot the computer on completion.

Oh, that's another way, if you chain your policies, either by naming them numerically (i.e. "01-First Policy", "02-Second Policy", etc) or using a script, you could make the last policy (or the script) reboot the computer. Then when the computer is at the login window, you know your policies are done.

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@mattloo - you might want to look at this. We just started testing and it's a nice setup with a good deal of user feedback. Not quite "IBM" slick perhaps, but well done.


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@scottb Do you know if there are posted examples of what Splashbuddy looks like when it's doing its thing, so I can compare it against, say DEPNotify? I can of course work on getting it setup and tested, but I was just wondering if there was an existing screenshot or other image to see it. Thanks.

Edit: Never mind. I didn't dig deep enough. I see the developer has one example posted, here It's only one example so far, but it's a start.

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@mm2270 - I think we still have a test setup. I can try to run that and take some if you're looking still. It's pretty neat, and I was going to wait until our new dev box spun up later today to build one out. Also, on the Slack #splashbuddy channel, there are some examples in there...