Is There a Way to Manage App Settings?

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I am trying to figure out if there is a way to manage iOS app settings in a configuration profile, so that they are already set up correctly when deployed to a device.

Specific Example: We are deploying Field Office to all of our devices and it would be super handy to pre-set things like Timeout Duration and Download Timeout, to avoid tech support calls to walk reps through doing this remotely.

Is this possible through the JSS?

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It depends on whether the app supports this or not.
Check out

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No, unfortunately this would not be possible via normal built in MDM means as these controls would have to be developed by the app developer.

If you could get the app developer to use something like Managed App Config in their apps then when you pushed the app via an MDM you could pre-define settings.

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Excellent info. Thanks!

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SO, we reached out to the app developer and got the question below in reply:

Could you ask the MDM vendor if the below Apple documentation on “ManagedAppConfig” is what they need?

I am in a little over my head on this particular topic. Can you confirm that this is the correct road for them to go down?