Is there a way to review existing settings for Software Updates?

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Had a more experienced Jamf admin show me around the "Software Updates" section of Jamf Pro.

Showed me how to select one of the Smart Groups listed in "Software Updates", then click "Update 1 selected" in the top-right of the Jamf Pro window, which brought up a list of options like "Install action" and "Target version".

We made our selections, then saved.

Is there a way to review those settings that we just made earlier today? If I go through the steps outlined in my second paragraph, it appears that nothing has already been set up, so I'm curious how I'd know that someone else had already gone through the process, or how I'd review existing settings (in the event I thought I'd made a mistake with the Forced Install Date, just for an example).


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No. The interface is very basic and requires a lot more work. Very… beta.