ISO: Big Sur Startup Guide

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Hey all,

I see a lot of discussions regarding Big Sur and M1 issues. Wondering if anyone could provide a summary of how to best deploy Big Sur on M1 and non-M1 Macs in a Jamf environment. Maybe highlight some of the issues people may run into and how to troubleshoot. We still have yet to allow Big Sur on our devices and it would be incredibly helpful to have some foresight heading into it so we know what to look for.

I wish Jamf would provide this kind of material but i haven't seen anything personally from them. Any help would be greatly appreciated by myself and im sure anyone else that stumbles upon it.



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Start by validating that your VPN, AV, and DLP software work. Make sure the Jamf Pro server is up to date.

To do this, I had to upgrade our Cisco AnyConnect, Cylance, and Forcepoint clients. They all needed new config profiles for the move from kernel extensions to system extensions. AnyConnect also needed a config profile for Network Filter, which I downloaded from the Cisco release notes, signed, and uploaded to Jamf.

Other than those big three, most everything else ported over. That said, this is all Intel as we don't have any M1 Macs.