Issue deploying Secured Testing Browsers

New Contributor

A profile with a “Assessment Mode” payload is already installed on the system.


Basically only one app can have this setting at a time.  You can find this error message in JAMF under the laptop's account and Management.  It will be a failed command and have the above reason for failure.  If you get a device with this issue, you can open the System Preferences > Profiles and search each for a "Setting  Assessment Mode". This should help identify the offending config file with a conflict.  There are a few approaches for a fix.  For instance, you could use Self Service to deploy the apps.  Have one delete the other when it is installed by a script that runs BEFORE the package.  Then have Smart lists to detect the software and use those groups to deploy and withdraw the respective Configurations.  This is one example of where it would be great if we could deploy configurations within date ranges in a similar way to policies.