Issue with Adobe Premiere 2015+2017

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Hello All

Need some advice.

Our mac users login using network account which stores their home folder on the server so it does not create a user folder under /users

When I install adobe applications on the local admin account they all work for admin and network account except adobe premiere pro 2015+2017 which only loads on the local admin account or any local account I create. Even 2018 loads fine on both local and network account.

I've tried everything. Deleting all preference files, application support in user library. Tried changing permissions on application support and preferences on the local library folder.

Im so stuck. The application just hangs on login. It does eventually after 5 mins come up with an Adobe error about Adobe could not find any capable video play modules.

Any advice would be amazing.

Issue is very similar to

but this doesn't have any solutions.