Issue with Binding to AD, Dock with question marks, and no Apple menu bar

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In the middle of setting up our Casper Suite environment. Have the JSS, NetBoot / Casper Imaging all setup. Can bring 1082 images and dmgs down, no issues.

One issue that keeps coming up is binding to our company.local AD domain.

I am using dsconfigad to bind to a Windows 2008 R2 domain. (I can post the script if need be).

And it binds successfully, that is not the issue. It's the ensuing AD account when logging in.

Upon logging in as the AD test username, I get a OS X dock with missing icons, a bouncing OS X finder icon in the dock and no Apple menu bar.

A basically frozen / crashed OS X / Finder. (A seeming corruption on the creation of the AD object)?

Is this OS X? Something to do with the object / name created in the OU in AD? I am stumped.

We also have a domain, which I am going to test today, and see how that goes. I don't remember seeing this behavior in this domain and OU structure.

Note: the OU structure in the company.local domain, is like 7-8 levels deep before you hit the final "macs" OU.

The OU structure in the domain is short, like OU=macs,dc=devcompany,dc=com




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Try creating a binding in the JSS under Settings > Casper Admin and then try deploying it with Casper remote. If it works try using it in your image configuration and see if anything changes. If not, is there a reason you couldn't use a built in binding?

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Good point. Binding is actually working with Casper Directory Bindings. Binding to both dev and productions AD domains.

So it always binds now.

It's once the Mac is bound to AD, upon logging into the AD domain, one can get this corrupted dock and no Apple menu bar. Not always, but sometimes.

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I've seen the missing menu bar quite frequently of late on a few test machines. We are an AD shop as well. Have not fully investigated yet as having larger issues in getting wireless networks and MobileConfig profiles working within a new Casper rollout.

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Apparently I cannot edit an existing message on mobile anymore but FWIW we could never get the user's share showing up consistently in the Dock, leading to question mark issues on any wireless laptop to the point where we likely just moving to removing that attribute and scripting an on-demand mount solution.