Issues installing Libre Office 7.5.3 from Self Service

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I uploaded dmg file to Jamf Pro -> Package for Libre Office. 

Created new Policy with the DMG file and enabled it for Self Service. And Scope only for those computers that should be able to install it.

In Jamf Policy Logs it shows that´s installed, but when checking on the machines. Libre office is not there, what is going wrong ?

How can I find more information why this installation fails ?

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Executing Policy Libre Office 7.5.3 for Intel Mac
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Downloading.. (URL...)
Verifying DMG...
Verifying package integrity...
Installing LibreOffice_7.5.3_MacOS_x86-64.dmg...
Closing package...
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you've installed the dmg.. thats not installing the app. better off using composer.. make a pkg. 

Thanks, I will test this.

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If it just simply download and install, maybe use Installomator