Issues with 2018 MacBook Pro

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Has anyone been able to activate the Office applications using the new 2018 15" MBP? On two separate machines, I get a 0xD0001043 error when trying to activate. There isn't much details on this error, and the MS KB article has been removed.

Also, a warning. If you have a firmware password enabled and use Internet Recovery to completely wipe the drive (including the local Recovery Partition), the MacBook cannot download the required components to reinstall the OS. Literally, the machine is bricked with no way around it. Apple had to replace the machine.


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I really appreciate your warning; thank you!

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Actually I've seen the opposite. Been having issues with the new MacBook Pro and it's new security features. Usually we boot up from a boot stick and format and re-install the OS as part of our imaging, but with the new Macbook Pro it doesn't let you boot up from boot stick unless you remove the security feature. In order to do that you need to have an admin account. So I used recovery partition and went into disk utility and wiped the drive. Then used the OS re-install to put the OS back on the machine. All good. So it might have just been your machine. Although I've only tested it on one new Macbook Pro 2018, so can't be sure it's not effecting others as well.