Issues with random machines in same network or different network with self-service


Hi Liam running the cloud based JSS. since the update last saturday. i am having a lot of issues in our setup. One of our biggest issue is self service giving issues. It try to install the software and gives error to restart the self-service. when you check the jam log there is no details on it.
when you check the system.log you find this.
for Self Service policy icons, archiving and disabling JSS Policies

--> Policy Jabber 10.6.1 failed with: Error Domain=JAMFSoftware/SelfService Code=20 "Quit and re-open Self Service to try again." UserInfo=0x139bf90 {NSLocalizedDescription=Quit and re-open Self Service to try again.}

has anyone seen this d6b480895ebf438d8ed7cdc5ef119856

Kunal V

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Other people are having the same issue.