iTunes Account Status pending commands

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All of my machines have dozens of 'iTunes Account Status' pending commands. Some more than 100. I've cleared them out and they keep coming back. My JAMFSoftwareServer.log gets several of these a second:

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I updated the APN cert and it seems okay. I started getting this issue after installing a JSS update several versions ago. Anyone else have this issue or an idea on how to fix it?


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Talk to support, they may be able to give you a MySQL command to clear out any pending commands. I have the command documented somewhere, but don't have access to it at the moment.

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I have been told by support to NOT run MySQL commands to clear pending commands on 9.65. The current "work around" is to clear them manually. I didn't care too much to ask why.

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I have been in contact with support and I did run a few MYSQL commands to clear them out (before 9.65), but they keep coming back as my JAMFSoftwareServer.log keeps filling up with those messages. JAMF support was very helpful, but I think I may have stumped them.

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I am also looking for a resolution for this, has there been any progress?

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We've been seeing this as of recent as well, we're also back to get config profile delay at login window, the delay is especially heinous for 10.9 users (upwards of 3 minutes) but only 10-30 seconds for 10.10 users. Are you guys seeing this issue as well as the repeated pending iTunes Account Status commands or are they seemingly unrelated?

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We are also seeing these messages constantly repeated in our JSS log. We have ~1600 iPads, and are still at JSS 9.6. I can't manually go into each iPad to look at Pending commands.

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Not that I want to revive an old post, but would be willing to share what ever happened with this? We are seeing something similar in our environment.

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I'm seeing it, too.


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I'm experiencing it as well in an OS X environment.


Here as well (again.....)

It just to be a few computers in the past and that turned out to a faulty jamf client on the machine but I've checked the status on about 30 machines now and they all have pending commands.

Also some clients report "The JSS has received a feedback error from the APNs Server" as well.

Don't know if this has to do with the recent 9.91 update though.


Anyone ever solve this? because i have these commands on a bunch of old macs queued up from 2019. if i delete those "itunes inventory" commands, they come right back.

 cant run sql scripts becuase its jamf cloud...


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EDIT: from here it appears that if you "renew mdm profile" it gets rid of them so i am going to try that.


Edit2: my machines also have so many failed commands, take them forever to render on jamf... 30k.. just thought it was funny...


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edit3: the solution from the other thread worked.