iTunes not using proxy for "Verifying iPad update with Apple..."

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We received a stack of iPad Pros that I went to provision using apple configurator 2, starting by updating them from 9.3 to 9.3.2. I downloaded the IPSW and began to try to update and got a garbage error from configurator. I tried using itunes 9.4 and 9.4.1 and both fail when they get to the status listed in the subject of this post. Watching both the firewall logs and proxy logs, the proxy isn't seeing any rejects for apple. As soon as the 'Verifying iPad Update with Apple...' message comes up our firewall logs a blocked attempt from the computers to get to a 17.x(apple) address.

It seems whatever mechanism iTunes is using for verification is not using the system wide proxy settings.

Has anyone else seen this? I have logged this observation @

For now I will probably set a route on the macs for 17.x to hit a transparent proxy port instead of the subnet's gateway. Maybe someone else has a more graceful solution. For us Proxifier and like products are not an option.