iTunes U and Managed IDs

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I noticed a couple articles and a post on this board regarding iTunes U and Managed IDs. I wanted to post a question of how districts are handling this switch as we were shocked to find out that Managed Student IDs could not join our teachers iTunes U courses if they had personal Apple IDs associated with those courses. Our teachers have been creating/modifying courses for years with their personal Apple ID since it was the only way available and now we are scrambling to switch them over to Managed IDs since we were not intending on moving them over yet, just the students.

Thanks in advance if anyone has any advice or experience with how you handled this scenario.


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I've personally been handling it by muttering under my breath about Apple and their ability to make my life more difficult...
But seriously, we've been trying to decide whether to just wipe all of our old devices and start over with the managed IDs or try to manually go in and remove the Apple IDs from each one. It's been super fun figuring out how to deal with the apps that still don't allow for device assignment as well, since Managed IDs can't make purchases in the App Store so the VPP stuff is super wonky with them. This feels like something that should have been piloted at existing schools and just plain old wasn't.
Also, pro tip after spending several hours troubleshooting with their tech support: The "person ID" in your uploaded spreadsheet is absolutely required, even though it says it isn't.

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Using her personal AppleID, your teacher should sent a copy of the course to her managed AppleID, and then use that one to invite students etc to the course.