Jamf 10.7?

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Any news on release date.

We need JAMF 10.7 for Mojave as Self Service does not function correctly.
I know JAMF always say they are day one ready but we need to test, and then schedule time to upgrade.


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What I heard is that it is supposed to be released in the next few days.

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Have you enrolled in the 10.7.0 beta? Self Service is working great for us in Mojave.

I'd expect it to be released on 24th September, alongside the public release of macOS Mojave. Before that date is a bonus.

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Exactly my point. Mojave needs JAMF 10.7 for Self Service, we know it works well.

So we can't allow any Mojave upgrades until we get 10.7 into production, which means scheduling downtime etc etc. So earlier we get the sooner we can upgrade and also be day one ready (or as close as possible!)

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Jamf Pro 10.7 is now available. Thanks for everyone's feedback and participation in the beta!