Jamf 100 Exam Prep Question

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One of the questions on the test exam is:

"Supervision is available as part of a computer PreStage Enrollment configuration."

Which the answer key says is false. I assume this is because it isn't part of the PreStage Enrollment settings but my question is if this is misleading because PreStage Enrollment requires DEP which can be used to supervise a device. Considering that DEP is a prerequisite is it not fair to say that PreStage Enrollment can supervise a device? Or is it somehow important to split hairs like this because of where the setting is even though the ultimate outcome is the same?


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You're over thinking it.

You cannot configure supervision in a Pre-stage Enrollment Configuration as the option/toggle does not exist.

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Fair enough. i thought that might be the case. I noted that Jamf likes to offer a lot of questions that are valid options but don't apply to the specific platform. Thanks for the clarity.

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