Jamf 100 Training Course

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Hello Jamf Nation,

I am excited to introduce the Jamf 100 training course. The Jamf 100 is an online, self-paced course that combines video lecture from Jamf instructors with direct links to relevant documentation and resources alongside practical examples. The Jamf 100 serves as a foundational component to our core Jamf courses. We think this course is a fantastic building block for anyone beginning their journey as an Apple device administrator or advancing down that path and bringing Jamf products into the fold.

We believe this course material can serve many different functions; an introduction into iOS and MacOS use and management for those new to the Jamf Nation, preparation for future Jamf course enrollments or a tool to help already established organizations familiarize more staff with the tools already in place.

The 100 course is broken down into six sections. Sections two and three focus on core competencies of iOS with an eye to it’s relationship with management of the platform. Sections four and five focus on core competencies of MacOS with an eye to it’s relationship with management of that platform. There is approximately four hours of video lecture broken up over these six sections with an average video length of five minutes. The video lecture combined with the hands on practical work outlined in the guide should take between eight and 10 hours for completion. This may be shorter or longer depending familiarity with iOS, MacOS and Jamf products. 

The content was created as a whole course however if someone is only concerned with either iOS or MacOS the modular nature of the content allows them to focus on just that portion of the content should they desire. The goal in using this format was to provide a modular and easy to consume course that someone can spend as much or as little time as they’d like in each sitting. 

In the near future we will be making more resources and services available for those that want to take the next step with the Jamf 100. We are working on a new way to take this course and gain access to Jamf cloud instance for the duration of class, access to Jamf trainers for questions and the opportunity to receive Associate level certification upon satisfactory completion of the course content. Specific dates and processes will be forthcoming in the near future.

Additionally, in the coming months you’ll see changes to other Jamf courses. The naming convention for the Jamf 100 will carry over to our other existing courses. The goal is to help clarify course progression and relationships to each other. However, the certification levels you know will remain consistent with the addition of the Associate level being added for successful completion of the Jamf 100 course.

The Jamf 100 course can be found on our website at: https://www.jamf.com/training/100/
This course can also be accessed via Jamf Nation

Warm regards,
Dusty Dorey
Director, Education Services


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Hi Dusty!!

Thanks for this new training addition!
Looking forward to seeing the additional resources and services.



Thanks Dusty


interesting indeed, thanks.

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Thanks Dusty!

One opinion on future courses: We need something besides the current CCT as an "intro" course for those with extensive experience with Apple,but not JAMF. I'm signed up for the CCT later this year after being turned down to take the CCA, which I can understand, but it was very hard to convince management to pay for a certification with "Technician" in the title when I have 15+ years of experience in Mac administration. I expect the CCT to be largely review (but not entirely), but something that addresses JAMF from a entry-to-mid level while acknowledging that the course participants may have been using Apple/DeployStudio/Munki/scripting/etc. for many years would be great.

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Hi @WTArmstrong ,
Thanks for the feedback! I would like a it more information to my previous post that pertains to your comment. With the Jamf 100 course available you can expect to see some realignment of coursework in our existing courses in the near future. The Jamf 100 course existing and being widely available allows us to focus the breadth and depth of content that will be in the subsequent 200, 300 and 400 level courses.

We will strongly encourage the use of the 100 course as preparation for subsequent courses as it will represent the foundational components that need to be understood and mastered before taking on our other courses. However it will not be a firm prerequisite and thus not a barrier to jumping straight to the 200 level courses for those with extensive background in Apple device management.


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Thanks again Dusty - I hope my comment didn't sound like I wasn't excited about the new course - I like the sound of the new roadmap. Frustration I have was in having to use a year's worth of training budget on a course (CCT) that I expect to be mostly review (but again, not entirely - I've been our Casper admin for the past year and a half, but I know there are plenty of things I can still learn). The 100-level course looks good, and the option of taking it online (for now at least) without using up my training budget means I'll definitely take the time on it. I'm also going to send the link to our junior-level/helpdesk guys and have them take a look.

Any ideas on timeline for when the new courses may replace the existing certifications (if this is indeed the plan?). Just wondering how long the CCT that I'll be taking this summer is going to be recognized. $$ is already spent, so I'll be taking it regardless, just trying to figure out how this changes the larger picture.

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great news Dusty - a great way to skill up folks without needing to deal with procurement/finance teams!


Thank you for this

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We are working on a new way to take this course and gain access to Jamf cloud instance for the duration of class, access to Jamf trainers for questions and the opportunity to receive Associate level certification upon satisfactory completion of the course content. Specific dates and processes will be forthcoming in the near future.

Well, it's maybe the near future or later. Is there any update on the new training/certification paths?

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Well, there's detail of the 200, 300, 350 & 400 courses on the Training page and the 100 course is on a playlist at Youtube

When can we expect the JAMF Associate certification to be announced? It's been a year...

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Any update on the JAMF Associate certification?

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I also swung by to ask about the Certified Jamf Associate certification coming soon tease from the course information page.

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Hey folks,
Circling back here to let you know we finally have news on the Jamf Certified Associate front. Cruise on over to this post for more details!

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Hmm, I guess I misinterpreted the original post. I was under the impression that in addition to the course material being free, the test and Jamf Certified Associate certification would be as well.

"This is a self-paced, completely free, and online course."

Oh well!

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Will there be any update to the training material in Jamf 100 anytime soon? It's getting rather updated, particularly the iOS portion.

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@macbrun Thanks for the question! We actually have an update for the iOS portion occurring this Friday (9/20).

We will then anxiously await, like everyone else, all the Apple OS and Jamf Pro updates. Once those release we plan on doing a significant overhaul of the course near the end of 2019.

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Is there a promo code which might waive the $100 course fee in the event you are an enterprise support customer like SAP?

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Further to the earlier comment on iOS, I have started going through the macOS content in Jamf 100 and it is clear that the content is not up to date. Changes that occurred in Catalina, for example, have not been reflected in the text, much less the videos. Even the Terminal section teaches some things that are bash-dependent. I know Jamf prides itself on Day 0 support for significant OS releases, and good training does take time to develop, but we're at a 6 month lag right now. Any idea when we will see updates?

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Trying to purchase the Jamf 100 with existing Jamf Nation ID but giving below error.

Please help.

Issue resolved with some other thread on the site.