Jamf Admin 10.7.1 with Mojave - not allowing Printer uploading

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I cannot upload a printer using Jamf Admin 10.7.1 with Mojave. Has anyone else encountered this? I am able to add Dock items.

when i click to 'Add Printers' nothing happens, when i double click 'add printers' the drop down quickly appears and dissapears (when this happens i can see that no printers are listed).

I have to go back to a Sierra system with Jamf Admin 10.7.1 and upload the printer from there.


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I was just reading through the Jamf release notes. It seems there's a known issue - [PI-005676] In Jamf Admin, you cannot add printers using a computer not enrolled in Jamf Pro. Is it possible that your Mojave machine is unenrolled?

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Before jam pro I always Uploaded printers from an unenrolled computer, so I guess now that's changed. I'll try it now from an enrolled computer

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Hi -

Please try the following:

  1. Close Jamf Admin

  2. Open Terminal and run:

sudo touch /Library/Preferences/com.jamfsoftware.jamf.plist

  1. Open Jamf Admin, and add a Printer

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Any reason why this wouldn't work pulling from a Yosemite machine? I click "Add printers" I'm prompted for my password and then nothing. If I hit the "Add printers" button again, a window pops up, but none of my 6 printers are listed there and then the window retracts before I can do anything else.

UPDATE I just upgraded to Mojave cause I was on a time crunch, and was able to import the printers now. I had previously created the blank plist, but no dice. So for future reference, this doesn't seem to work with Yosemite and I'm running JAMF Admin 10.15.0