JAMF Admin not connecting to JAMF Pro Server

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Is anyone able to login to JAMF Admin with JAMF being cloud hosted?

I keep trying but each time I login to the JAMF Admin application and enter my username/password and click OK, the login box disappears and reappears again for me to enter password again. This just continues on and on.

So instead I login to JAMF Pro from browser.

What could be the problem with JAMF Admin? 

I'm using the same https://*********.*********.******:8443 when logging into JAMF Admin like I do with using JAMF Pro from browser!!


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I am able to but I had to do an odd setup in order to get into Jamf Admin.

Some things regarding our environment.

  • We use Okta SSO to login to the Jamf Dashboard
  • Jamf Pro User Accounts & Groups accounts are not LDAP accounts but Standard Accounts

This has caused our passwords not to sync from LDAP to Jamf Pro User Accounts & Groups

Because of that issue I added "_jamf" to the end. When I go to Jamf Admin I use $username_jamf and the password I set in Jamf Pro User Accounts & Groups to work.

Is this the correct way to do this? Probably not but everything else works fine. I've been meaning to reach out to Jamf about it but other priorities have come up.

I'll also note everything worked perfectly fine when I used LDAP accounts in Jamf Pro User Accounts & Groups when we were on-prem and everything was setup the same. I was able to use my normal username for Jamf Admin.