JAMF Assessment and MAP testing error


My school district is investigating whether to use JAMF Assessment with the winter/spring NWEA MAP test. We've already run into a problem and was wondering if anyone else had run across this. When first opening up the app (which is configured to go to https://test.mapnwea.org/#/) you are presented with a readiness page. Which shows Operating System ✓, Browser ✓, screen resolution - your current screen resolution is 768x1024 you need at least 1024x768. Am I missing something or is this a case of where this app made for. My config looks like this
<string>Powered by Jamf</string>



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Is this on iPads? Inside iPadOS 13 and above there is a section under General - home screen and dock - layout - change that from
more to bigger and turn off Keep Today View on Home Screen.

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@catesr Using Jamf Assessment for things like NWEA is a really interesting idea I hadn't considered before. We always use their supported apps for iPad and Mac.

iPad - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/nwea-map-testing/id1087546325
Mac - Download from their portal. is latest.

Is there any reason you're not using the NWEA Secure Testing app? You shouldn't run into the same screen resolution issues there.

FWIW, the reason you're getting the resolution error is because by default Safari (and app embedded web views) will request the desktop site. Desktop versions will sometimes have different resolution requirements than the mobile version. If there's no way to request the mobile version of a site or define that as a setting in Jamf Assessment you might be out of luck.


First off thank your for the responses. I will give the Home Screen adjustment shortly. The reason my supervisors would like to use Assessment as opposed to the Secure Testing app is that for the time being we are all remote. As such they are exploring ways in which they would be able to "observe" the students while they are testing.

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I tried some troubleshooting:

  1. NWEA MAP does not support mobile browser per their requirements so default iPadOS Safari in desktop mode passes that check.
  2. Native Safari on iPad reports resolution of 768x1024 (portrait) regardless of orientation . http://whatismyscreenresolution.net is nice tool to confirm.
  3. Jamf Assessment with report same resolution as Safari so it will report 768x1024