Jamf/Bigsur & AD Binding/pushing profiles

New Contributor

Hi I have a mac big sur envirnment in which we bind big sur macs to active directory.

Keep running into an issue when logging in (issue hapens randomly) where i could assign/edit/remove Jamf profiles and policies.. when i then logout/restart the mac i then hit an issue where after a login a popup appears saying "Profiles/MDM wants to make changes. Enter an administrator's name and password to allow this."

Issue has been going on for a long time now (never happens with Catalina, just big sur AD binded).
Logs arent showing much in terms of identifying the issue. I have seen things about malware but don't think this is causing it as it happens with freshly imaged big sur devices too. Was on call with jamf that other day, we assigned a profile and 3 logins later the message appeared (despite it being ok all day)

Massive thanks for anyone that can advise as this is proving to be a game stopper right now.

out of ideas now with this