Jamf Cloud Distribution Point and on premise

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I was under the impression that a few months ago JAMF had announced they were going to make it possible for customers running JSS on premise to be able to use a JAMF cloud hosted distribution point.

Remember the cost of JSS hosted and on premise is exactly the same.

Even with the just released JSS 10.6 this 'feature' is still apparently missing. Anyone have any news about this MIA feature?




It is possible for a long time now to use S3 from Amazon as Cloud Distribution Point. As Jamf uses AWS for their cloud hosting too, it wouldn't make any difference to buy it from Jamf or directly from Amazon.09f83b8fae65403eba485fb25f47a67c

Does this help or did I get your question completely wrong?


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It is my understanding that if you have a pure cloud hosted version of JSS you get a JSS provided cloud distribution point at no extra cost since the presumption is that being cloud based you can't run a local file server distribution point.

Yes you have always been able to create you own paid for cloud distribution points on other services (even if JAMF themselves use AWS).

What I am referring to is that I thought JAMF were going to allow on premise users to use the same 'free' JAMF provided cloud distribution point. Again I point out there is no cost difference between on premise or cloud so it is not as if you paying a lower cost and asking for something a higher cost service includes.

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If i remember correctly.... that ask is

..."Under Review"

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we've been using Box for a while as an additional 'cloud' option to shore up places with little or no DP's, and for mobile devices off network...
(it's a bit of a hack, and lacks SMB... and as i understand it, webdav box access will disappear in the near future)
Lot's of people using AWS

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@kstrick I would be interested in learning more about the box.com hack...

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@ammonsc someone did a post about it, let me look for it...
in short, you setup an external password to use webdav, you setup like a normal DP in the http section using those credentials and the 'dav' url, and for smb section which is required, you fudge the settings... i'll look for the post and repost the link here

Update: here is is, from a few years back----

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I there a cost to using Jamf Cloud DP?