Jamf Connect 1.6.1 Release


Bug Fixes
Jamf Connect Login 1.3.2 – [PI-007175] Fixed an issue that caused Jamf Connect Sync’s keychain item to be inaccessible without user permission.

Jamf Connect Sync 1.0.5 - N/A
Jamf Connect Verify 1.1.2 – N/A

Product Documentation
For more information, including Release Notes, please see the Jamf Connect Administrator Guide.


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Is Jamf Connect Verify going to be updated soon? The local password sync is still not working.

New Contributor

Is Jamf Connect Sync going to be updated? Still running version 1.0.2 cause later versions of Chrome cannot talk to the app to open the pop up. Ticket was created a couple months ago and so far haven't seen it show up under "known issues"