Jamf Connect 2.3 Enabling Notify


I just got set up with Jamf Connect and I'm working on getting Notify set up. The documentation says the following command needs to be executed:

/usr/local/bin/authchanger -reset -JamfConnect -Notify

Where do I put this command so that it gets executed during my PreStage Enrollment process?

And then with the Notify script... where does it need to go and how do I specify the path to the script?


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You will need to run a script to execute the authchanger command before Jamf Connect comes up. Probably the easiest would be to create an installer package that has a post-install script that includes the authchanger command. Just make sure this package is installed AFTER you Jamf Connect package. (Alternatively you could repackage the Jamf Connect installer package and edit their Post install script).

You would need to add the path script to your Jamf Connect Login preference file. The preference key is ScriptPath. You can place the script anywhere on the computer you want. /var/tmp is one option or you could use a custom path such as /Library/Application Support/CompanyName/Scripts/ . Just make sure your specified script path match where your script goes.

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An alternative approach which is actually simpler than re-packaging Jamf Connect with a post-install script is to use a config profile. In the Jamf Connect Admin Guide - Configuring Settings for Jamf Connect section have a look at the authchanger section which shows a config profile which activates Notify. You can add this config profile to your PreStage enrollment then de-scope it after enrollment so that Notify only runs once. I found simply NOT adding it to the scope for ADE machines enabled it to apply during PreStage but then not persist afterwards - although this may not be best practice.


Thanks guys. I used a config profile to call the script and it's working as expected now.

Hi there,

I'm configuring Jamf Connect to enable the Nofity screen. I'm reading the documentation and I don't know how to create a config profile to make it work. Can you please share the steps of creating the config profile? 

Thank you