Jamf Connect Escalation Via Shortcut


Hi there,

We make use of AdminByRequest to escalate local users in our environment. Unfortunately ABR doesn't work 100% for apps like Rancher/Docker. Since we have Jamf Connect, would it be possible to create a self service script that will escalate users to admin, launch docker then de-escalate back to standard user and would it be possible to make this a desktop shortcut pointing to the self service icon?


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Hey @_aDiedericks 

i would whitelist Rancher/Docker in AbR, making user admin from the self-service conflict the idea of having AbR and you losing then the Audit as well. but for your question, i think what you mean is the MakeMeAdmin script https://github.com/pseymour/MakeMeAdmin


You cannot pre-approve applications that do not immediately prompt for privilege escalation at launch. And the format I'm referring regarding the privilege escalation within a script on launch for Rancher is to escalate only on launch and then return the user to standard. Rancher only needs admin permissions for some commands run on startup.