Jamf Connect - Smart Groups

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to know what smart group criteria I can use that once a brand new mac device gets enrolled with jamf it will appear in the smart group. 


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Once a device is enrolled, it would drop into the "All Managed Clients" smart group.

If you want to group devices together that have been enrolled before/after a set date, you can use the "Last enrolment" criteria and choose one of the before/after/x number of days ago options, but if a device is wiped and re-enrolled, it would then also move into that smart group where it may have not been included prior to the wipe and re-enrolment activity.


You could possibly do some scripting/EA to scrape the creation date of a pre-stage admin account, or jamf binary installation (however that might update when a new version is installed), but again that would also update upon re-enrolment after a wipe event.