Jamf Device Compliance with inTune & Azure Conditional Access Policies

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I've setup the latest integration between Jamf Pro & inTune for Device Compliance.

This is working as I can see the device in Azure as showing as compliant when I check the users devices.

When I create a conditional access policy to grant access to compliant devices and one of these compliant devices tries to connect, the conditional access policy is showing as "Not Satisfied" "Require compliant device".

Has anyone setup the jamf & inTune device compliance and have conditional access policies in place which are reporting that the mac device is indeed compliant, more than likely a issue with Microsoft but just want to check at least someone in the world has all this interaction working correctly & successfully with conditional access policies ?



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I'm currently testing it on my machine/account and its working well.

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Thats good to hear, it seems a little easier to setup than past incarnations so probably testing and getting setup now rather than before is a good time. 

On further analysis it looks like its the Jamf Connect app which is one of the apps its failing on, that may well be because its connecting before the system is fully booted but their is a way now to exclude the Jamf Connect App with Custom Security Attributes so I can put that in place.



Were you ever able to get this functioning correctly? I'm encountering the same issue where Jamf Connect fails the Conditional Access check for a compliant device, even thought it's showing compliant in Intune (Endpoint Manger) and Azure AD (Entra).