Jamf Imaging - Not enough space to install .dmg on this volume help?

New Contributor

Hi guys, this topic hasn't been posted since I believe 2016? But I'm new and have been looking into using Jamf Imaging, rather than doing it the long way.

Every time I go to use Jamf Imaging, creating the needed .dmg and applications on Jamf Admin, I keep getting that error. I've read that it may have to do with the size of the image of when it is made, being larger, to the size of the destination. Another said if you made it on High Sierra, you should be on High Sierra as well.

If it is indeed the size discrepancy, is there no fix other than recreating one on a smaller disk. Even then I read it will keep the size of the image and not expand if there is any free space, that would have to be done manually.

I appreciate any help and answers!