Jamf Infrastructure Manager Setup behind NAT

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Hi everyone.

I had some real fun and games getting a JIM setup on our evaluation network last week, mainly because the JIM is designed to run on a WAN side server or in a demilitarised zone.

But for those of you who need to use the Jamf Infrastructure Manager on the same LAN as the LDAP server, take a look at this article which should explain the key preparations required for DNS records which must be in place before you install the JIM. If not the LDAP Proxy service will end up listening for connections on the loopback address and failing to connect to an LDAP on the same LAN.




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Nice write up - I pray I do not have to try to implement like this. =)

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Thanks for the write up, it helped.

Here is a video I found on youtube from the JNUC2017. Its very easy to follow, and understand the logic.

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I actually found the same article yesterday and was going to post it. We just setup LDAP and that was a great deal of help.

Another article I found about the LDAP mappings that might help folks out too: