Jamf installer bug?

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JAMF Pro v9.93
OSX 10.11.6
Adobe CS5.5 (Ps, Ai, Id)

Hi all,

I've already viewed the following discussions, but my issue is different.

I should mention that the DMG/PKG and installer script do actually work... about half the time. But sometimes it fails, even though I created the PKG with AAMEE and I told it to ignore conflicting processes. Anyway, that's not really why I'm writing this...

In my case, the big problem is that after the installer fails, the return code is zero (0) indicating the installer succeeded. This is a huge problem because it causes my (modified) installPKGfromDMG.sh script to delete the cached installer dmg... And just getting that 3GB file cached on 40 computers is quite time consuming, so once it is on the target, I don't want it being deleted unless I know the installation is successful.

#other stuff
/usr/local/bin/jamf install -path "$mountVolume" -package "$packageName"
if [ $? == 0 ]; then
    # do stuff

I don't want to babysit every deployment, kinda defeats the purpose of buying JAMF Pro.

Has anyone else seen this behavior of the installer?


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@bkp 2 things:
First, I hope you are aware but just in case - CS 5.5 is only partially functional under El Capitan and not supported.
Second, is Java 6 installed?

At the University I work for, we have abandoned CS6 and below on anything El Capitan. If a user is on El Cap or now Sierra, their only option is Creative Cloud.

EDIT: I know you're question was more about the installation process and the jamf binary, but Java 6 is relevant to that.

Hope that helps.

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Yes, I installed Java SE6 (legacy for OSX) before beginning the install. I also have scripts which remove CS5ServiceManager and CS5.5ServiceManager from both the system folder and for the logged in user's folder (once per user per computer) to stop the crashes on exit.

But our CC licenses have expired and the grace period will run out in a few days. We are in Angola where there is currently a shortage of foreign currency due to the low oil prices and Adobe doesn't take payments in Kwanzaa. (Yes, 'Kwanza' was a real word a thousand years before the holiday). It could be months before our payment is processed, so I have no option but to install CS5.5.

As others have said, the Adobe installer can fail when any browser or Adobe app/daemon is running, but I've also determined that it can fail with wind direction or moon phase in addition to possibly a 100 other things.

As you said, this thread is about the jamf binary not returning an error code when an install fails, but thanks for the tips anyway!

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Just spoke with tech support and they confirmed the issue. They said it will be fixed in the next release and as a workaround to use the OSX installer in place of /usr/local/bin/jamf install...

installer -pkg path/to.pkg -target /

(No need to use sudo since it's running as root anyway.)


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Wow, good to know!
Was there a defect number for that? That's one I want to keep track of.

Best of luck!