Jamf & InTune - A single Mac showing as non-compliant

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Hi, having a strange experience with InTune and Jamf integration that I hope someone can help with. On the whole our integration with InTune and Jamf is working well but we have a single Mac which is experiencing a strange issue where it shows as non-compliant despite passing all the compliance checks.

Here as what I see in the InTune device view when searching against the device name:

When I click through to see what the non-compliance error is I can see this:

Is there a compliance check going on with Jamf somewhere that is causing a failure? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!



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  • You can check per device in Jamf Pro -> Device -> History - macOS Intune Integration Logs which data and when it has been sent to Microsoft Intune.
  • Make sure the device is registered properly and the device is also listed in Azure AD, as the Azure AD Object handles the compliancy status.
  • I suggest to remove the device from Intune blade, Azure AD blade, Remove ms-organisation-access device certificate from Keychain and the /Users/$loggedInUser/Library/Application Support/com.microsoft.CompanyPortal folder and /Users/$loggedInUser/Library/Application Support/com.microsoft.CompanyPortal.usercontext.info file and then start registering it from scratch through Self Service.

an other question, do you have a hostname pattern in place within your organisation? as it is registered as MacBook Pro, if there is an other MacBook Pro registering it will be harder do make sure you are troubleshooting the correct object.