JAMF / Intune SCEP Enrollment

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Hello Everyone, first time posting. Hopefully this question hasn't been asked before. If so, my apologize.

I am trying to find out if I can use the JAMF > Intune integration to deploy SCEP certs from Intune. We have a mixed environment of both Windows and Macs. Windows is working well with our internal CA and NDES account. However, our Macs are a hassle with manual challenge phrases, etc with JAMF in the cloud. I know that Intune can deploy certs using the "Intune Connector", which allows for communication from our Intranet SCEP server to the cloud. However, JAMF does not have a tool like this that I know of. We do not want to expose our SCEP server to the internet, or use an external/JAMF CA as we already have it working on Windows so the JAMF SCEP Proxy idea is out.

Are there limitations to what the JAMF/Intune Integration can do? Can I create a SCEP policy in Intune and have it work on Macs enrolled in JAMF? From what I read, it seems like its mostly just related to compliance/conditional access. Any help is appreciated!



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Hi Schmidt,

Did you manage to get this working? I would like to do the exact same thing in order to have intune controlled SCEP certificates pushed onto the Macs. Like you, we don't expose SCEP/NDES to the internet, and instead rely on the msappproxy secured to just intune to make it work.

Would be interested to know how you progressed - I need certs pushed for;
User - VPN and WiFi (PEAP)
Machine - VPN and WiFi (Cert auth)

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Just bumping this before I start going down the same path.  Did either of you all have any luck?

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No - unfortunately best solution I could find was using the JAMF SCEP policy and proxying, via an msappproxy with restrictions for the IP address of my JAMF Pro instance (in the cloud).

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Hey easyedc,

     We are actually still looking into this (put on hold with COVID) but did find the below article that somewhat describes what JamieG mentions.


Support Tip - How to configure NDES for SCEP certificate deployments in Intune - Microsoft Tech Comm...


Although this is for Intune, the concept is the same for JAMF.  Basically has you create an AzureADProxy App in your intranet, which installs on a server, create an externally facing website in AzureAD as the Proxy, then use JAMF to point to that website.


The website for external IP's and Ports are:

Permitting Inbound/Outbound Traffic with Jamf Cloud - Technical Articles | Jamf

Network Ports Used by Jamf Pro - Technical Articles | Jamf