Jamf MDM certificates on iPad that is no longer in the Jamf MDM.

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I have an iPad that was enrolled in Jamf through Apple School Manager and has a management certificate on it that restricts my ability to remove it from the MDM. The iPad has been removed from the Jamf MDM so I do not have control over it from the Jamf.

My question is if I release the iPad from ASM and then re-enroll in ASM will that allow the iPad to be re-enrolled in the Jamf MDM?

Or, any ideas on how to remove the MDM certificates (control) for the iPad that is no longer in the MDM account? I have not figured out how this could be done within Jamf.

Seems like I am stuck with a new iPad that cannot be changed in any way.


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I have been searching for a solution to this same problem.

We were having issues with some managed iPads at our school, so they were deleted in Jamf and then unassigned in Apple School Manager. Unfortunely, during this process the MDM profiles did not automatically remove. The iPads have since been reasigned to Jamf, but there does not seem to be a way to get the iPads to connect back with Jamf or refresh the installed profiles.

If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.

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Did either of you unmanage(button on the device record) the iPads or did you simply delete the device record? Deleting the device record won't do diddly squat on the client end. It will simply break the connection between the two causing you to have to reset and enroll the device again. Restoring from a backup isn't wise either unless you restore the backup to another device.

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Unless there is some specific data you need to retain on the iPads, you may have to a do a reset on them. If you haven't blocked computer access, try resetting with Apple Configurator 2. If you have restricted computer access, you may have to put the device in Recovery mode to wipe it (If you can't restore your iPhone, iPad)