JAMF MDM ERROR: SentryCrashMachineContext.c (232)

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Hello Jamf Nation,


Wanted to bring awareness to this issue we've experienced with a few of our users. 


Each time, this issue happened on a M2 Macbook machine (one was a brand new one). I've been unable to find a solution to this issue with the exception of completely wiping the device.


The most recent time this happened the user was attempting to install software from Self Service (more specifically Docker) and each time the install would keep hanging/spinning and would not complete or error out. This is most likely because it was stuck attempting to update inventory (as our policies have inventory update once an application is installed). 


Opening terminal and running sudo jamf recon yielded the following result (text/image below):



sudo jamf recon
Retrieving inventory preferences from https://*REDACTED*.jamfcloud.com/.
Finding extension attributes...
Locating package receipts...
Locating hard drive information..
Locating applications...
Locating software updates.
Locating accounts
Locating plugins..
Searching path: /Library/Internet Plug-Ins
Locating printers...
Searching path: /Users/*REDACTED*/Applications
Searching path: /System/Applications
Gathering application usage information from the JamfDaemon...
Searching path: /Applications
ERROR: SentryCrashMachineContext.c (232) : void sentrycrashme_resumeEnvironment()
:thread_resume (00002807): (os/kern) failure
Locating hardware information (macOS 13.3.1)




Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 9.45.41 AM.png


Trying to search Google for similar issues was unsuccessful as there are little to no results.


Does anyone know what this error pertains to and/or why its happening?



ERROR: SentryCrashMachineContext.c (232) : void sentrycrashme_resumeEnvironment() : thread_resume (00002807): (os/kern) failure





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Wanted to bump to see if anyone has any clue as to why we'd receive this error

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Just got this same error during a recon, also on an M2 machine.

Edit: I rebooted the machine and updated to the latest OS version and the issue seems to have gone away.