Jamf Nation Job Board quality decline

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Is anyone else noticing the decline of quality and efficiency in the Jamf Job Board?
It used to be a simple design and now it seems to reference some outer data source making it slower to access.
Also the latest job posting does not even reference anything Jamf or Apple related in it’s details. Now I can forgive a poster with little Apple knowledge, especially in Healthcare, posting on the wrong job site, we’re all human here with the exception of the bots.
But that same job posting was then vetted by an employee of Jamf. I have seen a steady decline in quality control from Jamf during the last 5+ years, but that is what usually happens with a monopoly.



I actually visit the job board a few times a day and my only complaint is that there are never any jobs in my geographic location. Other than that I regularly see Apple/Jamf related posts.

As far as load time, never a problem.

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How are these two Jamf/Apple related?

BackEnd Developer in Datantify

Health System Quality Intelligence Analyst Lead

From 0-100% how are the above related to Jamf/Apple then?

I understand that there will be some faithful Jamf members who drink the Kool-aid, but it is a disservice to those who use Jamf for work ( as well as our clients) if we turn a blind eye to cracks in the system. Just because she is the prettiest gal at the country dance does not mean she is not ugly.

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If two mis-posted job offerings are really shattering your user experience it might be time to take a break. This isn't really an us vs. them scenario.

I'm sure someone from JAMF will be contacting you directly to apologize.



I don't believe @edickson suggested that EVERYTHING is related to Jamf/Apple, but that there are regular and frequent posts that ARE related to Jamf/Apple. In fact, looking at the job board right this moment, smack dab in-between the cited BackEnd Developer and Health System Quality, is a post for a Jamf Pro Administrator. The entire rest of Page 1 (sorted by recent) is Jamf or Apple. Of the 10 items on the first page, the only two that aren't specific to Jamf or Apple are the two that were cited as off-topic.


@iMatthewCM This is EXACTLY what I meant. MOST posts are Apple/Jamf related and the ones that aren't are at least IT/technology related.