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Who else is disappointed in how jamf nation now works.  not a fan.

Also why did you remove the third-party-product page with all the software titles and download links.




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I cant find the support chat, my assets. UGGH

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Hey, @jillhughes We know a few things have moved around, so we created this helpful FAQ post. The Support team is available through your Jamf Account. You can find it here: https://account.jamf.com/support/open

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Yes, this new look/not functioning like the old setup is horrid. After logging in, I don't need my account info, else I'd go to my account. As for 3rd party, that was great, now, suck. Who cares how it looks if functionality & usability gets flushed down the toilet.

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I'm with all of you about third-party-product page with all the software titles and download links

Need back those updates reports, download urls. Hopefully we see that part available soon, with same database, records collected by community for years

Was told during a Conference Call, that 3rd Party Products will be discontinued,
because of their automated Update Routines in "Licensed Software Templates" & Jamf MarketPlace.

I have told the JAMF Team, that this would be a Blow to the Community,
since we all contributed through the Update & that they could not cover all the Bases
with their "Licensed Software Templates"

However I contested the Notion by Jamf Moderators, that "Third Party Products" was not kept up-to-date.

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Anyone figure out where you open a new support case? I can't find it 🤔

Thanks. I eventually figured it out.


Where has My Assets gone?...

Under here