Jamf One ios app - Jamf nation app

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Did not saw it here, so i thought maybe helpfull for some



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No scaling support for iPad... is that still a thing?

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Thanks for the heads up on this. Just installed the app on my phone and am looking it over. I sorta knew something like this was coming based on threads and discussions about accessing JamfNation from a mobile device that happened last month. Glad to see Jamf put something out. I've had several frustrations with accessing JN from my iPhone in the past, so hopefully this will address some of that.

In looking at it, there are some curious design decisions. I assume "Community" is these very Discussions, just labeled differently? At least it seems to all line up that way. I'm not sure why the name change, unless it's something coming to the full version of JN soon.

Second, I don't see a way to access Feature Requests?? Hopefully that will come in a future update, or, am I just missing something? I don't see a side navigation widget to load different parts of the site, just the bottom nav icons, and there's no Feature Request section there. Even under the main "Activity" section. no FRs to be seen, unlike here on the full browser version of the site. @Jamf, was this intentional, or is that just coming? It looks like this is a 1.0 release, so if it's just still in the works, that's fine. If it's not going to come to the app, then I'd have to question why.

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The thing me bothered is that, i as a "hollander" cannot download the app from the Netherlands App Store.
Lucky got an US iCloud US backup account to achieve this kind of downloads :)

But dont know why it is not available in all App Store regions.

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Make the app available on every App Store, no only the US.

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Posting from the app.
The threads seem to be all over the place with dates. What do the dates mean?

I had other feedback but just figured I’d make them into feature requests which i couldn’t do through this app. Had to go to Safari on iOS.

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@txhaflaire : probably because they forgot?

This app is a good 1.0 release. Lots of room to grow.