JAMF Patch Management

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Is this an in-house built solution for the JSS, or is this using patchoo and integrating it into the JSS as part of our workflow for patching software?


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If you're talking about the new Patch Management that JAMF will be demo-ing in the upcoming JNUC in October, its something JAMF built, not a 3rd party product grafted onto the JSS. While I'm sure there will be processes and workflows similar to other tools, like AutoPkg/AutoPkgr, etc. (after all, there's only so many ways this can be done) its not going to be something built by someone else integrated into the JSS. Its built and maintained by JAMF as I understand it.

Mind you, I'm not disparaging anything like Patchoo, AutoPkgr or other tools by my comment. These are all very good solutions, to varying degrees. Just trying to clear up any misconception.

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Good to know. I was hoping it was a JAMF built solution.

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If you're looking for something now that isn't JAMF made, there is this as well.