Jamf pkg install vs manual

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I have a some-software pkg, that included in policy in JAMF and in theory, after enrollment, it shall install and contact with my server. In manual mode (unzip, install pkg - next-next-admin pass-finish) it works well - all daemons starting, in /etc/ config files is present. But while using JAMF it doesnt work except just installing, no config files creating (why?) etc. So, any ideas? Where I can get more detailed logs? In policy log I see status "completed".


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On the computer you could look at /var/log/system.log and also /var/log/jamf.log

It seems like you are using a policy. Another way of using a policy is with JAMF Remote. Just target a test machine and send that pkg to it. At the end, look at the log in JAMF Remote (button in bottom right corner) - maybe it will help

Another strategy is on a clean machine, use JAMF Composer and do a before/after snapshot on the pkg manually installed and see exactly what it puts and where. Then try on another clean machine, capture the same info with a before/after using Composer but do a deployment using a policy of Jamf Remote as the method for installing