Jamf Pro 10.12 Beta Now Available!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jamf Nation,

Today, we are excited to release Jamf Pro 10.12.0 beta build 1.

This beta contains a number of technical enhancements to the product as well as a few minor changes to existing features. Changes include:

  • Ensure the MobileDeviceCheckIn is consistently triggered for all MDM commands
  • Mobile device extension attribute values from previously deleted devices can repopulate upon re-enrollment of a deleted device or populate on newly-enrolled devices.
  • Ensure that iPads that have Shared iPad enabled consistently receive the Update Passcode Lock Grace Period remote command.
  • And many more!

See the release notes for a complete rundown of changes in 10.12.


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HI @ian.hansen

I'm seeing this:

Push Proxy Certificate Expired

Renew your Push Proxy Certificate here

It expires: 03/06/2020

I have not checked notes yet, but I just logged in and noticed this...

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @scottb,

The Push Proxy Cert should automatically renew itself every day - let us know if it still says it's expired over on your thread on the beta forum.