Jamf Pro 10.5 Cloud Upgrade Schedule

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For those cloud customers who did not see our Jamf Pro 10.5 cloud upgrade schedule via email, we wanted to post it here too. Enjoy!


Jamf Pro 10.5 enhances how end users can interact with IT on their mobile devices, makes it easier to manage devices in the classroom and enhances workflows for organizations using iOS and Apple TV devices together. Additionally, Jamf Pro 10.5 includes a new script editor with syntax highlighting and themes, the ability to suppress proximity setup via the Healthcare Listener and enhancements to the user-initiated enrollment process.

Jamf Pro Servers will be updated to the version 10.5 based on your hosted data region:

Hosted Data Region
- ap-northeast-1: starting 6/29 at 1400 UTC and ending 6/29 at 1800 UTC
- ap-southeast-2: starting 6/29 at 1500 UTC and ending 6/29 at 1900 UTC
- eu-central-1: starting 6/29 at 2200 UTC and ending 6/30 at 0300 UTC
- us-east-1: starting 6/30 at 0500 UTC and ending 6/30 at 1500 UTC

Need assistance identifying the Hosted Data Region of your Jamf Cloud instance? Check out this guide to find out how.

If you would like to upgrade earlier, please contact your Account Representative at success@jamf.com to schedule your upgrade. You should plan for 24-48 hours notice when requesting your upgrade. New versions of the Jamf Pro apps are available for download on Jamf Nation in the "My Assets" section.

For more information on what’s new in Jamf Pro 10.5, please review the release notes.