Jamf Pro 10.9 Beta 3 Now Available

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Contributor III

Jamf Pro 10.9 beta 3 is now available! This beta includes a number of new features and workflow improvements, including the ability to deploy a package as part of a PreStage Enrollment.

Want to see a full list of what’s in beta 3? Check out our Beta Release Notes for more information.

PreStage Enrollment Packages

Easily deploy a package as part of a PreStage Enrollment. This feature requires macOS 10.14+. Support for previous versions of macOS is expected in a future release.

Jamf Engage

We’re excited to finally take the wraps off of Jamf Engage, a new way that we’re streamlining common workflows in Jamf Pro and providing immediate, in-product tips to make your user journey easier than ever.

MySQL InnoDB Storage Engine Not Required for Jamf Pro 10.9.0

The InnoDB storage engine for MySQL is not required for Jamf Pro 10.9.0 as previously mentioned. The MyISAM storage engine may continue to be used with Jamf Pro 10.9.0. However, beginning with Jamf Pro 10.10.0, the InnoDB storage engine will be required.

For information about converting your MySQL database to InnoDB, see the following Knowledge Base article:
Converting the MySQL Database Storage Engine from MyISAM to InnoDB Using the Jamf Pro Server Tools C...

How to Join
Want to join the Jamf Pro beta program? Enrolling is easy! On Jamf Nation, click on “My Assets” then click the beta homepage to begin enrolling. After enrollment, check out our Beta Release Notes for a complete list of new features and functionality included in the current beta.

Remember: this is a beta release! We strongly discourage installing beta software in a production environment.

As always, the Jamf Pro beta program is operated under non-disclosure, so please do not share any information regarding your testing in public forums, including non-beta sections of Jamf Nation. Your peers and Jamf staff are available in the beta forum on Jamf Nation to help answer any questions or concerns you may have.


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When should we expect a production release?