JAMF Pro 11.3 GSX no renew for certificate.


Our GSX connection certificate is about to expire.  We got a new one from Apple's GSX services.   The JAMF pro documentation says there is a renew button.  It's totally missing from our 11.3 cloud instance.  I've opened a ticket with JAMF but heard nothing back.

I went ahead and removed the old certificate and uploaded the new one.  The only way I could to get the certificate in there.   I also loaded up a new API token.    Now, I'm getting unauthorized.  GSX has came back and said it's a Jamf UI problem as the cert and account look good.

Wondering if anyone else has noticed this?

Renewing the Apple Certificate

You can use Jamf Pro to upload a renewed Apple certificate without removing the existing certificate so the connection with GSX is not lost. A notification is displayed 31 days prior to the expiration date of the Apple certificate.

  1. In Jamf Pro, click Settings in the sidebar.
  2. In the Global section, click GSX connection.
  3. Click Edit .
  4. Click Renew.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to upload a renewed Apple certificate.



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@dugnl Ever solve this? Getting similar results lately...


JAMF Support opened product issue PI117280.   I don't know if that PI has been published to everyone.  I also don't know if this PI is fixed in JAMF 11.4.   

Our GSX connection was working with 11.2 and broke with 11.3.    JAMF support seemed to think it was user error or a configuration issue.  I spent a full week trying to convince them that it wasn't difficult to not see a big "Renew" button.

They must've had some other reports during this time, because JAMF support did come back with the PI number.  I don't think they had one until about the time I brought the issue up.     This did have to get elevated past their initial support techs.

I haven't heard anything back and with JAMF Pro cloud coming April 12th, we will see what happens then.  

In the meantime, our GSX connection is completely broken.

I suggest opening a ticket with support and see if it's the same thing.   Again, you might have to elevate it a bit higher.



There last response to me:

Hi Doug,

I think that we are running into an open product issue - PI117280 - GSX failing due to duplicate calls, that is causing the renew button to fail to appear based on error messages in your server logs"


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Thanks for the response! I contacted GSX support earlier and they told me it's a "known issue with Jamf" so I created a support request with Jamf. Hopefully it will be resolved soon! I notice there's no mention of that PI in the 11.4.0 release notes, so I'm guessing it'll be addressed in a later release.



With 11.4.1, I still never got a renew button and by the time 11.4 was implemented my expiring cert had expired.   I uploaded the new cert.  It tests the connection okay.  But, now I've got a new issue.  When clicking on purchasing on any device and running the lookup, I get a jamfcloud.com says GSX lookup was not successful.  Not sure what the next step is.... I'm fairly confident I did the certificate correctly.

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Same issue here, I have a feeling it's related to the PI linked above.