Jamf Pro and DeepFreeze

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Hi All,

We are currently replacing our mac fleet that are not enrolled in Jamf, but are singularly "managed" with deepfreeze installed to revert back to the known state on a restart. We are dropping deepfreeze all but one of the machines when we go to use jamf.

We have one machine in our Recording Studio which needs to always revert to a known state on boot, for 1 user,  we know we can achieve by using deepfreeze but would rather not due to ongoing issues we have with deepfreeze.

Is there anyway of achieving the same thing, reverting the user profile back to a known state, using jamf?

I.E. the account will be a local setup with all of the right config in LogicPro but if this is changed during one session we don't want this transferring to the next session. So on shutdown the profile is nuked and then recreated from the known state on boot


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interesting question, especially for me as I'm being told to use deep freeze on a job and would rather not.

if the settings can be deployed as a plist you could have a login item that deleted the current settings then pulled in the standard ones you want from a local copy?