Jamf Pro Hotfix Release Coming Soon

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A new hotfix release is coming soon for Jamf Pro 9.97.1488392992 (formerly Casper Suite). This release includes an important security fix and we recommend customers upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible. We will notify Jamf Pro customers via email and on Jamf Nation as soon as the hotfix release becomes available.

If you have any questions about this release or anything else, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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@jake got the email thanks.

Everyone else - the email has enough information to kick start whatever process you have to go through to get change management approvals.

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@PatrickD -There is some additional information in the email about the windows installer and we are working hard to get an updated one posted. In the meantime, we posted a KB to walk through a manual update of the JSS located here:


@tlarkin - Thank you for the update. Good to hear!

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Looks like the email went out to most customers. If you didn't get yours, reach out to your Jamf buddy. And please don't post any contents here or elsewhere until Jamf does.

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Thank you @jake, we have received the email and were able to make an appropriate decision.



Hi @jake If we upgrade our windows environment using the manual method to get this hotfix completed, When we go to upgrade to a later version of JAMF, will the normal process ( windows installer) work fine?


We just did the manual upgrade process and it didn't upgrade our version.

Copied the new root.war file and then start the apache service and then we waiting for 10 minutes and nothing had changed.
went through the rest of the process but still no change.

will revert snapshot and wait i guess.

anyone have any idea how i can tell if the root.war file unpacked properly?


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@peter.caldwell did you also move the ROOT folder out of the way as well? It won't unpack the root.war file I believe unless you also move the previous unpacked directory out of the way.


@chriscollins I had copied and renamed the webapps folder before copying the new stuff across. you think i should have moved just the root.raw and root folder to desktop or something?

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That's what I tend to do.

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A new Windows installer is now available for hotfix 9.97.1488392992. The Windows installer can be found in Jamf Nation under My Assets.

If you followed the manual process to upgrade to hotfix 9.97.1488392992, then no additional action is necessary. If you had previously tried to upgrade using the original Windows installer for hotfix 9.97.1488392992, please contact your Jamf support team for assistance.