Jamf Pro Learning resources

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Does anyone one have any learning resources for Jamf Pro, we recently got Jamf pro off the back off our parent company so we didn't get the whole integration thing or the mandatory training process, I managed to get a server up and running but now not sure how to configure certain things, so would like to find some self study material.


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@lenteldem if you go to account.jamf.com and log in with the same credentials you use to log into JamfNation, you should see a "Training" link.  If you click that, you can see the courses offered by Jamf.  There is a free, learn-at-your-own-pace Jamf 100 course you can start with.  If your company purchased a training pass, you're in luck because that allows you to take any and all Jamf courses for simply purchasing the training pass.  Check out all the courses they have.  It's extensive.