Jamf Pro- Make Mobile App at a Specific Version Available?


So, we have the global setting in place for auto updates of mobile apps. Up to this point, we didn't have any issues with any of them. Today, on one critical business app, the dam broke with issues when the latest version made it onto several devices. I immediately paused auto updates for now. The people who support the app are working with the vendor for a solution.

Question is this, if I find a device with the previous version still installed, is there a way to extract the previous version from that device and upload it to Jamf. In essence, a manual rollback. I realize there's no way to rollback the version in a traditional way.



New Contributor II
New Contributor II

This is indeed a challenging situation. If the app is being deployed using Volume Purchasing, especially for iOS, there is likely no straightforward way to roll back the app to a previous version. In the case of computer apps, there might be some possibilities. You could explore using Composer to capture a snapshot of the package installation, but if the app originally came from either the App Store or Volume Purchasing, collaborating with the developer is usually the recommended approach moving forward.

Paull Stanley