JAMF PRO Monitoring

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Does anyone have a good way to monitor their JAMF Pro hosted environment? Some way to get alerted that a connection to the JSS is failing? This seems to be an ongoing issue for us lately (connection to the JSS is not available) and I was looking for a way to know about it before users start to complain. 




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For Linux on-premise, we used Datadog to monitor the systems.  We are alerted when Java Heap was high or the URL was not available.  This requires you have money to pay for Datadog.  If you are looking for something more home grown, you can create a script running on the server that checks the healthCheck.html and than sends an email when it is not available.  Creating a home grown script will require you have a way to forward email from the server as well as a local email application on the server.  If you just want to monitor manually and from your desktop, below is a snippet of a bash script you can use as a beginnings of a simple script you can run on your macOS desktop.  Make it run in a loop using "while :  - do  - done" if on macOS. 

#! /bin/bash

while :


Echo -n "Status Principal Server ===>"
curl -k -m 5 -s https://servername.company.com:8443/healthCheck.html
serverstat01=$(echo $?)

# do not put anything between the curl command above and the variable that collects the output
if [ ! $serverstat01 = '0' ]; then echo -n "ERROR from curl is: $serverstat01" ; fi
echo " "

sleep 5


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I use webhooks to monitor client events, but we are Jamf cloud so the actual infra monitoring is Jamf's problem not mine.  I wrote a mini series of blog posts about it, here is part 3 which dives into more of monitoring assets than just jamf cloud itself, but the concepts I think can be applied to many other things. here  is the blog post.

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Maybe JavaMelody is what you are looking for: https://github.com/javamelody/javamelody/wiki

I tested it, it's easy to install and offers a lot of information regarding health, warnings and errors.