JAMF Pro On-Prem hardware


Hey JAMF nation!

I'm a fairly new JAMF admin that inherited an on-prem instance that is about to be retired. I've also been tasked with researching what to replace our current setup with. I know a lot of you guys are working in the cloud so it's been kind of hard to find a lot of info for on-prem JAMF setups.  For the people with on-prem setups, what does your hardware look like? This is our Current setup:

  *   4 physical Servers (clustered) the JAMF Pro Web App on Red Hat enterprise. Dell Power Edge R430's
  *   1 Physical box we use as a load balancer on Ubuntu, Dell PowerEdge R610
  *   3 physical distro points running Ubuntu, PowerEdge R430's
  *   4 Mac minis serving as distribution points at our “imaging” site
  *   14 mac minis that we have set up as Caching servers for Apple content
  *   Our JAMF SQL database lives on a VM running Cent OS


I think my main question is there any benefit to clustering our web app servers if they all live on the same V-host after the upgrade or do you just devote all the resources to one web app server and not bother? If it's all going to one web app server, then I'm guessing we don't need the load balancer and could just get a 10gbe or 2 going to the one server. We were planning on keeping DP's on their own boxes and either some new mac mini's or a couple of mac pro's for the Apple Caching server. 

What server(s) out of this is the bandwidth/resource hog? The SQL database? The Web Apps? I know the Distros are a bandwidth hog but do they need a lot of processing power?  Also, do you guys have any good recommendations for software for monitoring resources of linux/mac boxes? 

Still pretty new to this, sorry if some of these questions are dumb. If anyone has any insight I'd be very appreciative. 


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@kbreed27 Hi, that sounds like a huge enviroment. We have only about 60 Macs and no mobile devices (they are managed by MS INTUNE®) to manage with Jamf® , We are running only one Jamf®  maintenance server on a virtual Windows Server®  2019 and 3 distribution points (only shares on file servers at three different locations).

The Jamf database is running on the maintenance server itself. The virtual Windows Server®  is a Server 2019 with 16 GB ram and a 4 core CPU with 300 Mhz. The server is not very busy, so that "little CPU" is much enough. The file shares are on the same space as the ones of our windows deployment. Our "Jamf server" is only reachable inside our network or via VPN, but not from "the internet". The VM (and many others, too)  is running in an DELL EMC Server® PowerEdge R740 with VMWare ESX®, with 24 Intel Xenon Gold® CPUs, connected with 10GB

Ah, I forgot to tell about our "packing client". this is an iMac®  and that machine is backed up with timemachine several times a day.

There is no clustering of our maintenance server, because there is no need for it. If the server will be updated, we create a snapshot and if the update fails, we return to that snapshot.