Jamf Pro Restrictions in Configuration Profile Don't Match For Sonoma

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We are using Jamf Pro and trying to start the process of getting MacOS 14 rolled out--we're currently on MacOS 12 in our district. We'd like to restrict access to some things in System Settings (seemingly still called System Preferences in Jamf Pro). For example, we would block access to Software Update and Sign In with AppleID, among other things. However, the options available in Jamf Pro under Computers > Configuration Profiles > Restrictions > Preferences > Restrict Items in System Preferences don't seem to match what's available under System Settings in MacOS 14. I am wondering if this just hasn't been updated on the Jamf Pro side, especially considering that the names don't match?

I also think I saw somewhere online that we won't be able to block access to AppleID sign-in with MacOS 14. Can anyone verify?

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Its not a jamf issue, apple deprecated a lot of stuff since macOS 13
SystemPreferences | Apple Developer Documentation

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Well, it actually is. If Apple deprecated or made changes to the MDM protocol, Jamf should keep up to date. Jamf has been lagging in modernizing the Restrictions configuration profiles for Mac for years now.

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I have noticed this too. The menu names in Restrictions do not match System Settings. I have been guessing around with what restricts what menu and it's truly been a game of chance. Depending on what computers are signed in at the time the config profile is pushed, the profile will either prevent Sign in + Users & Groups or disable Wifi and gray out the Sign in menu. Closing out of System Settings to refresh and give it a second change is also hit and miss.